Global Youth Dialogue" in Benin: Government and UNFPA sign Memorandum of Understanding

Published on 26/12/2023 | La rédaction



As part of the 30-year implementation of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD 2024), the international community, through the United Nations system, has chosen Benin to host the "Global Youth Dialogue" on April 04 and 05, 2024. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on Tuesday December 19, 2023 in Cotonou between the Government of Benin, represented by the Minister of State for Development and Coordination of Government Action, Mr. Abdoulaye BIO TCHANÉ, and UNFPA, represented by its Deputy Executive Director, Dr. Diéné KEITA.

This formal but important event was attended by the Dutch Ambassador to Benin, members of the Cabinet of the Minister of State and members of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) program delegation.

After welcoming the Deputy Executive Director and her delegation on behalf of the Government of Benin, the Minister of State, Mr. Abdoulaye BIO TUNIS, welcomed the delegation.State, Mr Abdoulaye BIO TCHANÉ, recalled the special place given by the Beninese Government to issues affecting the population, and in particular young people: "As you know, President Patrice TALON's government places people's issues at the heart of development. In fact, we are currently preparing a conference on the theme of population and development. We meet again in 2024". The Minister of State then praised UNFPA's support for Benin's preparations for this world conference, and reassured the audience of the Government's determination to play its full part in achieving the objectives.

UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Dr Diéné KEITA was impressed by the development Benin has undergone in less than a few years. She praised President Patrice TALON's government for demonstrating that, with rigor and determination, Nations can achieve progress. Dr Diéné KEITA expressed her pleasure at seeing Benin host the World Youth Forum: "Mr. Minister of State, on behalf of the Director of UNFPA, I've come to thank you, because it was a great joy to see that Benin agreed to host this world youth forum. Thank you for your confidence. We are your organization. You are the United Nations. We are just civil servants. We are here to serve you. Youth is at the heart of all development, and that's why we give it so much attention. Thank you to Benin for agreeing to host this Global Youth Dialogue", she declared.

"In Cotonou, the aim is to take stock of progress made in improving the living conditions of young people, and the level of preparation of young people, so that the population can better reflect the standard of living expected of them.the standard of living expected by the international community since the adoption of the ICPD in Cairo in 1994", underlined Mr. Alastaire ALINSATO, Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of State.

Through the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding with UNFPA, the Government of Benin has provided itself with additional resources to ensure the perfect organization of the Global Youth Dialogue, which will take place on April 04 and 05, 2024 in Cotonou.


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