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A little over a year ago, a multidisciplinary team of press professionals and the animation of local exchanges in fields as varied as decentralized cooperation, the actions of international solidarity, the international relations of the youth had gathered, at the initiative of Nestor HEMLÉ, within an expert platform called "Interactions" in order to create a concept of information and animation faced with the resurgence of belligerents and increased risks of conflicts in the world with a clearly assumed editorial vision: to bring twinning and local partnerships back up to date, like those which foreshadowed Franco-German reconciliation in the from the Second World War.

Hence the creation of " Twinning & Partnerships -Magazine " including a prototype or number " ZERO " , produced, has been widely distributed to target audiences constituting both the readership and the potential source of information.

The first issue of " Twinning & Partenariats -Magazine " arrives, enriched over the last two years by recommendations, criticisms and proposals made by major players in local life from all regions of the world from the seed issue published previously. It deals in particular with the role of parliamentary friendship groups and celebrates the initiatives and achievements of these same actors in their diversity etc.

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