Cameroon - France/Minister of Decentralization and Local Development

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MEDEF International invites you to take part in the next meeting of the France-Central Africa Business Council and the Sustainable City Task Force with Mr Georges ELANGA OBAM, Cameroon's Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, and the 10 presidents of the regional councils, which will take place on November 22, 2023, from 8:30 to 10:00, at MEDEF (55 avenue Bosquet, 75007 Paris).

The meeting will be chaired by Gérard WOLF, Chairman of the Sustainable Cities Task Force and President of BRICS Access.

On December 31, Cameroon's Head of State, Paul Biya, spoke on the subject of decentralization, emphasizing that the process was advancing methodically. Cameroon has been committed to decentralization since 1972, but it was the 1996 law that established a second category of decentralized local authorities.gorie de collectivités territoriales décentralisées, à savoir les régions, que le développement local a devenu une priorité centrale de la politique du pays. The main players in this process are the decentralized local authorities and communes.

Despite the government's efforts and willingness to pursue decentralization, these actors face numerous challenges, including a lack of financial resources, regional inequalities and a complex and time-consuming legal and regulatory framework. However, it should be noted that significant progress has been made, as in 2020, the first elections to elect the 90 regional councillors finally took place, even though the Cameroonian constitution had authorized the creation of regional councils for more than two decades.

This meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss issues relating to regional and urban development: governance, waste management, water and sanitation, transport and construction, sectors in which French expertise is expected and partnerships desired.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to :

  • meet Cameroonian public authorities to gain a better understanding of priority projects ;
  • discuss the various challenges of multi-scalar development;
  • highlight partnership opportunities and offers from French companies.

Your questions can be addressed in advance to :

Application deadline: November 20, 2023.

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