Togo/ Health: Togo hosts the 23rd International Pharmaceutical Forum from July 3 to 6

Published on 27/05/2024 | La rédaction



Lomé will host the 23rd International Pharmaceutical Forum (FPI), from July 3 to 6, 2024. Organized under the theme "Access to healthcare: challenges, issues and prospects for the pharmaceutical sector", the event was launched on Thursday May 23 in the Togolese capital. It promises to bring together between 1,000 and 1,500 participants from Africa, Asia, Europe and America. The event will address the challenges, issues and prospects linked to access to healthcare in the pharmaceutical sector.

The main objective is to equip participants, particularly African pharmacists, to guarantee universal access to quality health services and safe, effective and affordable medicines. Scientific papers, round tables, thematic conferences, symposia, B-to-B meetings, continuing education sessions, exhibitions and recreational outings are planned. The event will provide a platform for exchanging and sharing experiences crucial to improving healthcare systems.

This international event is taking place against a backdrop where almost 30% of the world's population lacks access to essential healthcare services, underlining the urgent need for concerted action to fill the persistent gaps in healthcare. In Togo, this comes against a backdrop of important debates and negotiations, linked to the authorities' ambition to implement Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and major challenges linked in particular to the mobilization of resources.fis related in particular to the mobilization of the necessary funding and equitable access to quality medicines at an affordable cost.

"The aim of the FPI is to formulate major recommendations, so that each country can tell Lomé what its experience is in terms of universal access to healthcare. And I'm sure that we will emerge from this forum with strong recommendations that each country will implement, so that our populations can benefit from the best possible care ", said Dr Sandouidi Alfred, Permanent Secretary of the FPI.


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