Singapore to host World Cities Summit amid political transition

Published on 02/05/2024 | La rédaction



While the United Nations World Urban Forum (WUF) is scheduled for November 2024, another territorial event will be held a few months beforehand. This is the World Cities Summit, organized by the Singapore government from June 2 to 4, 2024, against a backdrop of political transition. The event will mobilize local elected officials and political decision-makers from every continent on this dynamic island of barely 5 million inhabitants.

Singapore changes Prime Minister for the first time in twenty years. Lee Hsien Loong stepped down and handed over to his deputy Lawrence Wong. This political transition, which would have slowed down the financial market elsewhere in the West or in Africa, is not exceptional in the city-state renowned for its calm and economic dynamism. In fact, according to the British magazine The Economist, it is the best destination for business.

As proof, the Southeast Asian country is in the midst of organizing the World Cities Summit (WCS), which it will host from June 2 to 4, 2024. On the menu for the ninth edition will be the International Mayors' Forum, the Symposium for Young Leaders of the World and the presentation of the Lee Kuan Yew Award (named after Singapore's founding father), one of the highest distinctions for sustainable urban planning.

"The biennial World City Summit is a platform for government leaders and industry experts to address the challenges of a liveable and sustainable metropolis, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships. Since 2008, the event has seen the participation of over 250 territories represented by local elected officials, business leaders and international organizations", says the Singaporean government, which will take advantage of the opportunity to showcase its luxurious buildings and artificial greenery.

However, the status of the region's most unequal country and the rising water levels in the capital, Singapore, are a source of disappointment for city dwellers. This reality will be addressed during the three days of exchanges. The round table entitled "How are cities adapting and thriving in an era of climate emergency?"will provide an overview of measures in place and work in progress to build resilience in cities across the globe.

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