France/CAHORS: Follow online the "Rencontres des villes moyennes", from 26 to 28 October!

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The City Factory, a think tank dedicated to foresight and urban innovation, is organising the second edition of the Medium-sized Towns Meeting in Cahors from 26 to 28 October.

Does the "medium-sized city" exist? asked La Fabrique de la Cité last year, on the occasion of the first edition of the Rencontres des Villes Moyennes. This year, the think tank invites you to follow a new series of meetings online, live from Cahors. Elected officials and high-level experts will meet for three days to examine the logic of competition between territories and new avenues of cooperation between territorial levels and between medium-sized towns. They will also question the role of mayors, " the primary actors of territorial development".


The City Factory will look at the influence of the health crisis and the energy and environmental transition on the location of businesses, will discuss digital technology - a risk or an asset for medium-sized towns? - and will examine the issue of training, an essential pillar of development strategies and the attractiveness of medium-sized towns. At a time when many French people are rediscovering the richness of their territories, she will also talk about the promise of tourism in medium-sized towns and will raise the often painful question of the destruction-reconstruction and the profound transformation of old buildings.

Among the twenty or so renowned guests invited to this second edition of the Rencontres des villes moyennes, you will find elected officials and public players (Jean-Marc Vayssouze-Faure, Mayor of Cahors, Jean-Noe?l Barrot, De?pute? Rollon Mouchel-Blaisot, prefect, director of the national program Action coeur de ville, etc.), experts and researchers (Re?my Knafou, professor of geography, Catherine Soldano, University of Toulouse, etc.) and entrepreneurs committed to the territories (Ronan Bole? President, Amazon Logistics France, Olivier Jallabert, President and CEO, Amplitude, Adrien Nivoliez, President and CEO, Biose Industrie, etc.).

About La Fabrique de la Cité

La Fabrique de la Cité is a think tank dedicated to foresight and urban innovation. In an interdisciplinary approach, urban actors meet to reflect on good practices in urban development and to propose new ways of building and rebuilding cities. All the work of La Fabrique de la Cité is available on the website


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