Single social register of Burkina Faso: The orientation and monitoring committee holds its first session for the year 2022

Published on 07/08/2022 | La rédaction

Burkina Faso

The Minister of National Solidarity and Humanitarian Action, Lazare Zoungrana, presided over the opening of the first session of the Orientation and Monitoring Committee of the Single Social Register (COS/RSU), which he chairs, on August 4, 2022. This initiative of the government, with the support of technical and financial partners, marks an important turning point in the process of operationalizing the RSU in the sense that it consecrates the political will of the government to take decisions to accelerate the process.

In its perpetual quest for better strategies to fight poverty, Burkina Faso adopted in 2012 the national social protection policy, which aims, among other things, to bring about a qualitative change in the living conditions of various vulnerable social strata. However, given the complexity of the crises and shocks affecting the population and considering the obvious budgetary recession as well as the multiplicity of targeting strategies, all social protection actors have decided to work together to improve the quality of life of the population.However, in view of the complexity of the crises and shocks affecting the population, the budgetary recession and the multiplicity of targeting strategies, all social protection actors have perceived the urgent need to improve the coordination and effectiveness of social protection and anti-poverty programs.

This is why the government decided to set up the Single Social Register (RSU). To ensure its implementation, two bodies have been set up, including the RSU Orientation and Monitoring Committee (COS/RSU), which brings together all actors in the field of social protection.

In the regulatory framework of the decree on the creation, organization and operation of the RSU, households and people in situations of poverty and vulnerability in Burkina Faso, the COS/RSU is responsible for and vulnerability in Burkina Faso, this body is holding its very first session for the current year, this Thursday, August 4, 2022, in Ouagadougou. The Minister of National Solidarity and Humanitarian Action defined the RSU as an information and data management system that aims "to register all vulnerable people in Burkina Faso in order to have raw materials that all stakeholders can use for their various humanitarian actions in the field. Before emphasizing the objective of this session which is to give strategic directions for the implementation of the RSU.

"We are in a process and we want to put all the actors in order of battle to constitute this list. We know that in terms of humanitarian intervention, what is very important is to have data on the targets that should benefit from our humanitarian assistance. Regardless of who the humanitarian actor is, the raw material is the data on the people concerned. We are in the process of doing this work throughout the country so that the RSU can have a certain transversality on everything that can be done in terms of assistance, whether in the field of solidarity or in the field of emergencies," he said.

It is really a raw material that will help the humanitarian community and development actors so that they can better achieve the objectives they have set and especially the objectives related to government guidelines.

In order to avoid any confusion with what is done by CONASUR concerning internally displaced persons (IDPs), the Minister of National Solidarity and Humanitarian Action said that the RSU applies in times of peace as well as in times of crisis. As a result, IDPs following the humanitarian crisis we are currently experiencing will be counted in this RSU.

The President of COS/RUS congratulated the actors and partners for the work already done, but above all encouraged them to redouble their efforts in the process so that as soon as possible, they can have a RUS to carry out the missions of assistance to vulnerable people. During this first session, participants will discuss the RSU system, analyze the roadmap for the operationalization of the RSU.

Together, they will also validate the operational manual of the RSU, adopt the operational plan of the pilot phase of the deployment and finally formulate recommendations so that all actors involved in this process can know exactly what to do in order to achieve the objectives.

While inviting all participants to have frank and fruitful discussions, Minister Zoungrana suggested that the reflections must take into account the context of unprecedented security and humanitarian crisis, with the aim of achieving the objectives of the project.He said that the discussions must take into account the context of unprecedented humanitarian and security crisis, with more than 1 million IDPs who, according to him, cannot build their resilience without the support of the government and its partners.


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