France/Grenade. The partnership between the association and the community: it works for the Social and Solidarity Grocery!

Published on 07/08/2022 | La rédaction


Since the beginning of July, the project of the Epicerie Sociale (social grocery store) carried by the Municipality of Grenada and its CCAS, has become a reality. Indeed, the Epicerie Sociale has finally opened its doors and this beautiful realization has been possible thanks to the will of the Municipality of Grenada to develop the action of food aid for the inhabitants, and the know-how of the association "Inservices", which now has 3 social and solidarity grocery stores, including the one of Grenada.

The recipe to make it work? Here are the ingredients: refurbished premises, a choice of quality products, prices 70 to 90% lower than traditional stores and a welcoming team.

L'Epicerie is located at the Espace Jacqueline Francès, rue de Belfort, where you will find a friendly and respectful team. For more information or to register: 06 63 39 68 47.


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