Morocco/Rabat-Salé tramway: partnership for the implementation of energy performance solutions

Published on 27/09/2021 | La rédaction


Transdev, which operates the Rabat-Salé Tramway network, has signed a partnership agreement with the Société d'ingénierie énergétique (SIE) in its capacity as Super Esco, for the implementation of energy performance solutions for the Tramway project.

Rabat-Salé tramway, including the administrative and technical buildings as well as the network's systems", indicates a Transdev press release.

This collaboration also aims to promote the creation of a sectoral centre of excellence in green and sustainable mobility, which will be able to spread to other public transport operations in exclusive lanes throughout the Kingdom.

On the operational level, the partnership aims to upgrade and improve the energy performance of the tramway's rectifier substations. The other target objective is to reduce the energy consumption levels of the maintenance centre (CDM), to optimise the energy bill and to maximise the productivity of the network, in particular through the acquisition of new equipment that consumes much less energy.

Under the terms of this agreement, SIE will provide the assistance required for all stages of this ambitious project, through upstream support for energy audits and the conduct of technical and economic studies.alization of technical and economic studies, and downstream in the execution of energy efficiency projects and monitoring of the related work.

This new partnership is in line with the enlightened vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in terms of sustainable development, giving pride of place to integrated territorial development approaches that take into account the needs of the local population.This new partnership is in line with the enlightened vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI for sustainable development, which gives pride of place to integrated territorial development approaches that take into account the imperatives of social inclusion, economic viability and health and environmental quality;

In particular, it is a matter of promoting a new culture of urban mobility and encouraging practical and pragmatic ecological measures to improve the quality of life of citizens and facilitate their daily lives;

It is also a question of increasing and encouraging the exemplary behaviour of the public and private sectors in the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency in order to achieve significant savings.

This partnership agreement also takes into account the major and promising challenges represented by the strategy of promoting "green" and sustainable mobility for the development and attractiveness of the Kingdom's capital. It is also based on the National Charter for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CNEDD), but also on the National Strategy for Sustainable Development adopted by the Council of Ministers on 25 June 2017.

The Energy Engineering Company is a Super ESCO dedicated to the implementation of energy efficiency projects, with the mission of supporting public and private actorss to implement such projects and to participate in the implementation of the national energy strategy, in particular the State's exemplary program in this area.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Transdev Group, Europe's leading zero emission mobility operator, Transdev Rabat-Salé has been managing, operating and maintaining Morocco's first tramway network since 2011, consisting of two lines located in the Rabat-Salé municipalities.


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