Togo/Local governance: NADDAF supports three coastal municipalities in Togo

Published on 13/07/2021 | La rédaction


The communes of Gulf 6 (Baguida), Lakes 1 (Aného and Glidji) and Lakes 3 (Agbodrafo), three coastal communes targeted by the New Alternatives for Sustainable Development in Africa (NADDAF) to assist them in the preparation of their communal development plan. On Thursday, July 8, 2021, NADDAF started a series of training sessions to this effect, beginning with the commune of Golfe 6.

For NADDAF, it is a question of providing the best possible support for decentralisation in Togo, by acting for better local governance. The three communes targeted by the association's decentralisation and local governance support project are at different levels of progress on their CDP. However, they have one thing in common: they are all coastal and therefore have common challenges.

For Baguida, the CDP is at the level of validation of the strategic axes and the search for funding. Lacs 1 is preparing the provisional report of its CDP. Lacs 3 still has to start drafting this plan. At each level, the project launched by NADDAF will thus make it possible to accompany the local elected officials.

According to the association's programme officer, Komlavi Adjivéna Koissi, this project will "contribute to shared local governance with the participation of young people, especially girls, taken into account". The aim is to interest these targets in the actions of the communes. Thus, training for women on citizen control of public action is planned. But before that, NADDAF wants to bring local elected officials and municipal actors to master the development of gender-sensitive participatory budgets. The association will also support the establishment of citizen's offices and the production of educational tools on decentralization. According to Adjivéna Koissi, all the actions will take into account the PDC guide developed by the government. The support will also enable the various communes to adapt this PDC to their realities, especially the environmental challenges for the three targeted communes.

NADDAF received support from the Cooperation and Cultural Action Department of the French Embassy in Togo. The representative of the ambassador at the launch, Maziar Tahéri, cooperation attaché, noted the correlation between the development of the communes and the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development. It is therefore convinced of this relationship that France accompanies initiatives like those of NADDAF in favour of communities, said the representative of the embassy. "It is a question of allowing the definition of communal development plans, ambitious and achievable plans that should allow the development of communities," said Mr. Taheri. He hopes that the project for the benefit of Gofle 6, Lacs 1 and Lacs 3 will be emulated in order to replicate it for the benefit of other communes in the country.

The two-day training for the actors of Gulf 6 was opened by Mayor Koffi Dagbovie. He expressed the hope that this training is a forum to "alert other partners to accompany the coastal communities that are threatened by this natural resource that should rather be an asset but now threatens the survival of the communities.


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