Algeria/ National prevention campaign - Eastern wilayas: rich awareness program

Published on 18/04/2024 | La rédaction


The national prevention week organized by the Ministry of Health from April 15 to 21, under the slogan "For a healthy lifestyle for all", kicked off on Monday in the country's eastern wilayas, with a range of events and activities to promote health, combat pathogenic factors and encourage healthy eating.

In the wilaya of Sétif, an open house was held at the "Park Mall" shopping center on the prevention of colon and rectal cancer and the importance of early diagnosis.

Organized by the hospital specializing in the fight against cancer and the health department, the event attracted a large number of visitors, particularly young people, who were interested in the prevention of these cancers and the means of early diagnosis.

Dr. Lilia Bedari, head of the reception, orientation and awareness campaigns unit at this establishment, stressed the need to raise awareness of the risks of these diseases and the importance of early diagnosis, which increases the chances of cure by 90%, compared with 12% in the case of late diagnosis.

Wali Mohamed Meziane kicked off a medical caravan in solidarity with the inhabitants of remote localities, from the Place de l'Indépendance in downtown El Tarf.

In a statement to APS, the local health director, Othmane Kaïrouani, said that general and specialist medical consultations would be provided at the caravan site.and specialized medical consultations will be provided for all members of the families visited in these localities, particularly children, the elderly and people with special needs.This is in application of the Ministry's directives concerning the reinforcement of health and social care for categories living in precarious situations.

A wide range of preventive activities are planned as part of the week, including conferences on healthy eating and prevention, to be given by doctors specializing in diabetes.These will be given by doctors specializing in diabetology, nutrition, cardiovascular disease, gynecology and other health specialties.

In M'sila, local health director Rabie Mezhoud emphasized that the aim of the week was to raise public awareness of the importance of prevention and the fight against pathogenic risk factors.This will be achieved through activities in all communes, involving medical teams from the epidemiology and preventive medicine departments of health facilities, as well as specialists in psychology and nutrition.

The program includes information campaigns on healthy lifestyle practices, open houses, interactive workshops, outreach work in public places and mosques, conferences and TV and radio broadcasts.Soufiane Farhat, head of communications at the Health Department, added: "We're also planning to use television and radio broadcasts to reach as many people as possible.

Other wilayas in the east of the country also saw a range of activities organized at health establishments and facilities.


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