France/Occitania: the Region defends the living standards of young people

Published on 25/09/2022 | La rédaction


Creation of the Maisons de l'Orientation Mobiles (mobile guidance centers), professional integration encouraged in green jobs, enriched Youth Card and free mobility facilitated... The Region is placing this new school year under the sign of purchasing power, equal opportunities and rights for our youth and their families.

To give all young people, without exception, the means to succeed and flourish, wherever they live in Occitania and whatever the financial means of their family. For this new school year, the Region is launching new schemes and enriching others, with a single objective: to guarantee equal opportunities and equal rights, while combining professional integration and ecological transition, in order to ensure a serene future for young people.

"The challenge of the fight against climate change and that of employment must be one and the same. In Occitania, it is the power to live that we protect " Carole Delga, President of the Region.

Helping young people prepare their future

The first new feature is the Mobile Guidance Centers (MOM)[1]. Starting this fall, two vehicles bearing the Region's colors will crisscross the region with guidance professionals on board. They will meet pupils, students and job seekers, offering a complete range of services on careers and training, with priority given to rural areas and priority urban districts. Completely self-sufficient in energy, the MOMs will visit each department two or three times throughout the year.

In order to highlight the jobs that are recruiting in Occitania and to promote vocational training, a new format of fair dedicated to the orientation of schoolchildren from 4th to 2nd grade will be tested. Called ID.Métiers, its first edition will take place on December 13 and 14, 2022 in Saint-Gaudens (Haute-Garonne).

In January 2023, two new Regional Schools of the 2nd Chance(ER2C) will open in Castres and Montauban, bringing their number to 13 in Occitania. Each year, these schools welcome more than 1,500 young people and 900 of them find a job or training at the end of their course.

At the same time, the Ecological Transition Schools(ETRE) will be increased from four to six by the end of the year, with one opening in Aveyron and another in the Gard. In 2021, 160 young people have been trained in these schools and 135 of them have found a job at the end or have continued their course via an internship, civic service or other training.

Preserving the purchasing power of families

This fall, a new web space dedicated to good deals(concerts, festivals, matches, museums, guided tours, etc.) has been added to the services provided by the Carte Jeune[2]. This card already allows each high school student to save €500 per year, by combining all the regional aids from which they can benefit, including free school books.

Free school transportation will be open to new beneficiaries, thanks to the entry into force of the regulation adopted in April 2022. In addition toharmonizing the criteria for entitlement to transportation, it makes access to school transportation possible from the time of enrolment in kindergarten, in particular.
At the start of the 2021-2022 school year, 170,000 young people, transported by the Region, benefited from free school transport in Occitania.

The Region having anticipated the national shortage of bus drivers, nearly 300 new drivers have been recruited for this school year. This is three times more than usual. The school transport service is therefore provided under normal conditions from September.

Despite inflation, there is no increase in the price of meals in Occitanian high schools. This year again, the Region has chosen to support the increase in the cost of foodstuffs. The average price of a meal will remain at 3.90 €, out of a total cost of 7 €, with the Region covering the difference.

At the same time, the operation "L'Occitanie dans mon assiette " continues, in order to make accessible to young high school students a quality and local food. The Region has created a regional purchasing center, Occit'Alim, offering local products adapted to collective catering. At the beginning of the school year, 75 high schools are using it for their supplies.


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