Algeria/Agriculture: presentation of the 1st edition of the national catalog of local products

Published on 01/03/2024 | La rédaction


The first edition of the national catalog of local produce was presented in Algiers on Wednesday, with 190 different agricultural products identified across the country's different regions.

Drawn up in line with FAO methodology, the catalog includes 98 products listed with their technical data sheets, and a further 92 identified and inventoried for development on the basis of their distinctive and specicific signs, in particular geographical indications and designations of origin, explained the authors of this work at the presentation ceremony held at the headquarters of the Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA).

For Naïma Bouras, deputy director in charge of organic farming and labelling at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, "this is an indispensable tool, as it enables producers to identify the most important geographical areas and appellations of indispensable tool, as it provides the public authorities with a database enabling them to implement a strategy to promote agriculture based on sustainable rural development and the promotion of the terroir".

According to his explanations, the products in the catalog have been selected on the basis of several criteria, including specific quality related to production area, climate, soil, genetic factors, in addition to human factors such as the knowledge and traditional know-how of local farmers handed down through the generations.

For her part, Fatiha Guerrouche, from the Institut national de la vulgarisation agricole (INVA), affirmed that the aim of this two-year project was to "repertorier notre riche patrimoine en matière de produit de terroir, de mettre en avant la qualité de cette richesse animal et végétal, en vue de la préserver et de la protéger de manière pérenne".

The flagship Deglet Nour date from Tolga (Biskra) has already been awarded the label, as has the Gourara date from the wilaya of Adrar.

The sheep category includes six breeds, including Ouled Djellal, Rembi and Hamra, all world-renowned for the flavor of their meat.

The catalog also lists a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as honeys from different regions, including the massive honey from Chréa (Blida) and jujube honey from Djelfa and Laghouat.

There are also cheese varieties from different regions of the country, including Bouhezza cheese (labelled).

The catalog also includes aromatic and medicinal plants.

"The list is far from exhaustive, and never will be, given the richness and variety of our resources," comments Guerrouche, who stresses the importance of integrating a social and cultural approach into the identification and protection of the country's agricultural heritage.

The Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) office in Algeria, Mohamed Saleck Ahmed Ethmane, also attended the meeting.the role of local product labelling in local development and the diversification of the Algerian economy, pledging the organization's contribution to this process.

In this respect, he mentioned a project underway, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Algerian National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI), to label honey from Cherchar (Khenchela) and oil from Sig (Mascara).


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