Canada/City unveils grant recipients for Winnipeg's 150th anniversary

Published on 01/03/2024 | La rédaction


Winnipeg announced Thursday the names of 12 community organizations that will receive several thousand dollars in grants as part of the city's 150th anniversary celebrations.

More than 250 organizations applied for the grants.

The organizations selected by the Town will receive this additional funding, with the aim of highlighting the history and future of the municipality.

Selecting the recipients was a major challenge," says Fort-Rouge Fort-Garry West Councillor Sherri Rollins. All the recipients throw great parties in Winnipeg," she notes.

It was their ability to showcase Winnipeg's history and future through music, performances, festivals or exhibits that enabled elected officials to make a choice, according to a municipal press release.

Among the organizations selected, the Provincial Youth Council will receive $5,000 to highlight Winnipeg's history at its major gathering next fall.

We'll be adding elements to celebrate the city during this gathering," notes the Council's Executive Director, Derrek Bentley.

He adds that 1,300 young people will attend the gathering and have the opportunity to discuss the city's history and future.

How can we tell stories about Winnipeg, but also work with young people to determine what the city's future is? What do we want to see, especially in French, here in Winnipeg? he asks.

List of organizations selected by the City:

  • Provincial Youth Council, $5,000
  • Children's Hospital Foundation, $5,000 for the Teddy Bear Picnic
  • Culture Days Manitoba, $5,000 for the Nuit blanche
  • Folklorama Festival, $5,000 for its launch event
  • Manitoba Chamber Music Orchestra, $5,000 for community concerts
  • Memetic, $2,000 for its exhibition of Aboriginal electronic music
  • Winnipeg Pride Festival, $2,500
  • Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, $5,000 for the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
  • Soca Reggae Festival, $5,000
  • Storefront Manitoba, $5,000 for the Winnipeg Design Festival
  • Winnipeg Folk Festival, $3,000
  • Winnipeg International Children's Festival, $2,500


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