Benin/Training of prison guards: 55 Republican police officers equipped

Published on 23/02/2024 | La rédaction


The Benin Prison Agency has organized a capacity-building session for some fifty members of the republican police force, called upon to serve in Benin's prisons and remand prisons. Immersive training for police officers is taking place at the Ecole de formation des professions judiciaires (EFPJ) in Abomey-Calavi...

Fifty-five (55) police officers have been invited to take part in this immersive training course, which is part of the reforms undertaken to bring Benin's penitentiary system into line with international norms and standards, with particular emphasis on respect for human rights in the prison environment. On completion of their training, these Republican cops will take on the duties of prison guards, i.e. guarding, monitoring and supporting the socio-professional reintegration of inmates. Over a two-week period, they will receive immersive training in human rights, prison security, prisoner transport, prison intelligence, the warden's guide, professional ethics and deontology, and gender issues in the prison environment.

These themes will provide added value for these officers, who will have all the tools they need to serve in the prison environment. In his speech, François Kouton, in charge of cooperation and projects at the EFPJ, reminded participants that the structure was created by the Beninese state to provide training in the field of prison management.was set up by the Beninese government to provide initial and in-service training for the judicial professions, as well as all the other targets associated with the judicial professions.

According to him, these police officers are admitted to the EFPJ to prepare and adapt to the prison world, which has not only its own mode of operation, but also its own practices. "You'll have the rudiments you need to work more effectively with magistrates, court clerks, notaries, bailiffs and auctioneers", he reassured them. François Hounkpè, Director General of the APB, launched the training course by suggesting that the challenges to be met in a penitentiary are considerable. These include respecting inmates' rights, combating the introduction of prohibited products such as alcohol and Indian hemp, preventing escapes, and preparing inmates for socio-professional reintegration.

All this requires adequate training for prison staff, especially those responsible for prison security, equality and diversity, as well as respect for human rights and the reintegration of inmates' needs. Staff must also acquire the necessary knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills to enable them to better accomplish their missions. He also welcomed the efforts made to strengthen the security system in prisons.


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