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Published on 24/02/2024 | La rédaction


Three Aude inter-municipalities have volunteered to implement the department's mobility plan at local level.

Mobility is an important issue in the daily lives of local residents (especially in rural areas), and was at the heart of the agreement signed between the Département and three Aude intercommunities. These are the Grand Narbonne, the Communauté de communes du Limouxin and the Communauté de communes de la Montagne noire. Having drawn up a mobility plan for the region, the departmental council has undertaken to support these three institutions in developing a local version of this roadmap for each of them.

Three main areas of work have been identified: the public that the Département supports, where mobility is often a major issue; accessibility of tourist sites; and mobility of the Département's employees, as a leading employer and an exemplary employer. Supported by a consultancy firm, each intercommunality will work on drawing up a diagnosis, and then, together with local players, on identifying projects and the community's capacity for action, in order to achieve the objectives set. The aim is to draw up an action plan for each area by May 2024.


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