France/Association des maires de France (French mayors' association) announces that nearly one commune in 5 will increase its property tax this year

Published on 01/06/2023 | La rédaction


The president of the AMF (Association des maires de France), spoke of a property tax hike in 2023.

Like everyone else, we're subject to inflation (a mayor)

David Lisnard, the LR mayor of Cannes and chairman of the AMF, was a guest on Radio J. Speaking to Radio J, he asserted that almost one commune in 5 (i.e. 19%) will be increasing property tax this year.

19% of communes will raise property tax this year

The property tax will be indexed to inflation for all of them: "There are 19% of communes that will increase their property tax rate, so 81% of communes will not increase it; the property levy will automatically rise in all communes because it is readjusted by the amount of inflation," said the LR mayor of Cannes.

Property tax remains one of the last fiscal levers available to mayors

Since the abolition of the taxe d'habitation on principal residences, this is one of the last fiscal levers still available to mayors. Laurent Vastel, UDI mayor of Fontenay-aux-Roses(Hauts-de-Seine, France), explains: "Homeowners are going to see a 30% increase. We have more and more tasks, more and more charges, and like everyone else we're subject to inflation. The rise in energy prices will cost us 2 million euros, and we have very little room for manoeuvre, which is currently the property tax", he added.

The property tax hike will eventually replace the taxe d'habitation (one resident)

For many homeowners , this property tax hike will end up replacing the taxe d'habitation, which in the end will amount to the same thing, even though the abolition of the taxe d'habitation was supposed to give the French more purchasing power...


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