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Published on 26/05/2023 | La rédaction

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Cooperation between Vietnam and France in the field of education is as old as the hills, but this type of cooperation between localities is something of a novelty. The cooperation project between the Lycée Horticole et du Paysage du Petit Chadignac and the lycée des surdoués in Thang Long is proof of this.

Lycée Horticole et du Paysage du Petit Chadignac is located in Saintes, France. The Lycée des surdoués de Thang Long is in Da Lat, in the highlands of Vietnam. The two schools, 13,000 km apart, are linked by a vocational training and language exchange project. A new initiative in Franco-Vietnamese decentralized cooperation.

Launched in September 2022, the cooperation project between Le Petit Chadignac and Thang Long aims to promote cooperation in the teaching of French and agriculture, to strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries, and to promote the exchange of knowledge.agriculture, and to strengthen relations and mutual understanding between students from the two schools through the practice of the French language, as well as through cultural and professional exchanges.

Overcoming distance and language barriers

According toMs. Savoie Sandrine, teacher at Petit Chadignac and coordinator of the project, the cooperation involves students from the second to the last year of secondary school at both schools, who exchange and get to know each other via e-mail and videoconferencing.

Subjects range from horticulture to landscaping in France, and from traditional cooking to Vietnamese history and culture. The digital tool makes it possible to reduce the geographical distance and time difference. "With the idea of creating a long-term partnership, I hope that we will be able to welcome the pupilsves from Dalat and, conversely, go to Dalat with our students" , said teacher Savoie Sandrine.

Bùi Nguyên Hiêp, a French teacher from the Lycée Thang Long, who is in charge of the project on the Vietnamese side, also added that students from both schools had jointly created a "Dalat" website.Bùi Nguyên Hiêp, the French teacher from the Thang Long high school in charge of the project on the Vietnamese side, added that students from both schools had jointly created a website to introduce themselves, their respective schools and the French language.

Turning to the difficulties, Myriam Huet, Director of Agrocampus de Saintonge and manager of Le Petit Chadignac school, is convinced that the biggest challenge is language. But she believes that if you want to cooperate, you'll find ways to overcome the language barrier. "From my point of view, it's a question of will and interest. We have to keep going, because in reality, it's in our mutual interest", she insisted.

As for Dinh Thi Mai Trang, deputy principal of Lycée Thang Long, she confided that she was very pleased with the initial results. "At first, there were very few young people joining the project, but over time, the number of participants has increased. They're very excited because they get to practice the French language and make new friends", she observed, declaring that the French side had even proposed more in-depth cooperation.aise had even proposed deeper cooperation, and that the two sides were preparing to sign a cooperation agreement in the future. She expressed the hope that the project would develop further, encouraging exchanges between teachers and students from both schools.

A model cooperation

Appreciating the qualifications and inquisitiveness of the students at the Thang Long school, Michel Amblard, vice-president of the agricultural department of the Département de Charente-Maritime, said that the Conseil département was currently thinking about encouraging this international cooperation, and specifically with schools in Vietnam. " Because it's a real source of wealth to share, and we have a lot to learn", he confessed.

One of the supporters of the project's development, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toàn Thang, said that agriculture was the strong point of both countries, and that the model of cooperation between the two schools Le Petit Chadignac and Thang Long should offer encouraging prospects. "Both France and Vietnam have the ambition to promote production and supply more high-quality agricultural products, thus becoming the world's leading agricultural economies. In the times to come, it is necessary to multiply this model of cooperation between the two schools", he insisted.

As a cradle of talented students, the Thang Long High School for the Gifted also pays attention to the scientific research activities that are practised at the school.As a cradle of talented students, the Thang Long High School for the Gifted also pays attention to scientific research activities that are practiced and associated with local strengths such as biotechnology, the application of nuclear physics in biomedicine, and intelligent agriculture...

For its part, the Lycée Horticole et du Paysage du Petit Chadignac, drawing on solid experience in the training and professional support of young people, is today recognized as a center of expertise in the fields of horticulture and landscaping.

With similarities and through the intermediary of the French language, let's hope that the cooperation project between the Thang Long and Le Petit Chadignac schools multiplies in various Vietnamese and French localities.


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