France/Are there too many communes in France and should the smaller ones merge?

Published on 31/03/2023 | La rédaction


According to a recent report by the Court of Auditors, there are too many communes in France. 34955 to be exact!

This is a record in the European Union.
And one commune out of two has less than 500 inhabitants!
Which, for the Court of Auditors, ends up posing problems in terms of housing, social action or simply financial means.
It therefore recommends reducing the number of small communes as much as possible and encourages them to merge, as was recently the case in our department with the creation of the commune Entre Vignes, the result of the merger of St Christol and Vérargues, near Lunel.

What do you think about it? This is our question of the day: Are there too many communes in France and should we merge more?


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