Algeria/Oleiculture: support to 16 innovative projects in Tizi-Ouzou Bouira and Bejaia

Published on 30/03/2023 | La rédaction


Sixteen innovative projects in the field of olive cultivation have been selected by the Support Program for the Agriculture Sector in Algeria (PASA Algeria), to receive financial support, it was learned Wednesday from the Directorate of Agricultural Services (DSA) of the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou.

It is following a call for projects from PASA, which launched a pilot program for the development of the oil sector in the wilayasicole in the wilayas of Tizi-Ouzou, Bouira and Bejaia, known as "Pole Soummam", that the 16 innovative projects and affecting Several activities related to olive cultivation, were selected, said to APS the Head of Department Production Organization and Technical Support (OPAT) to the DSA and Focal Point of PASA in Tizi-Ouzou, Nadir Boussa.

Spread over the three wilayas targeted, these projects include the recovery of olive pomace in biofuel, treatment and recovery of co-products ofolives and olive oil (pomace, margines) by, among other things, the creation of production unit of coal, fertilizer and bio-compost, for animal nutrition.

Other projects concerning the acquisition of packaging lines of olive oil, the manufacture of soap craft based on olive oil and the qualitative change of the segment of the market.olive and the qualitative change of the segment collection and reception of olives, the manufacture of a range of parapharmaceutical products of olive origin, were also selected.

The wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou is concerned by three projects, said Boussa. The first was proposed by the women's association Tarwa y Akouren and focuses on the development of local products based on olive oil in the region of Yakouren.

The second is a project of the farmer and master-tailor, Mouloud Iamrarene, on the monitoring and tutoring for the peripheral trades of olive cultivation, while the thirdme was proposed by the company Mohamedi and concerns the creation of a unit of treatment and recovery of co-products of olive oil.

The remaining thirteen projects are distributed between Bouira and Bejaia, was learned from the same official.

The selection of 16 projects was made on the basis of their innovative, demonstrative, sustainable, collective and inclusive. They were selected from a total of 36 projects submitted.

According to the list established by the PASA, eight projects were proposed by women active in the olive sector, individually or as part of an association or group.

In addition, of the 16 projects selected, six (6) are intended to reduce the environmental impact by enhancing the co-products of the olive and olive oil, according to the same list, a copy of which was handed over to the APS and the Ministry of Agriculture.A copy of which was given to the APS and where it is stressed that the project holders will have until the end of the year 2023 to implement their respective activities.

As a reminder, the objective of financial support to professionals and associations of the olive sector, launched by the PASA in September 2022, is the encouragement of innovative economic initiatives related to the sector.conomic initiatives related to the olive sector, had told the APS, the head of the call for projects, Yasmine Ould Mammar, in a previous statement.


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