France/Twinning between Fontenay-le-Comte and Diosig, in Romania, is over

Published on 23/03/2023 | La rédaction


The city council of Fontenay-le-Comte (Vendée) has adopted, this Tuesday 21 March 2023, the end of the twinning with the city of Diosig, in Romania. The reason given: the lack of relations with the twin city.

This Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the city council of Fontenay-le-Comte (Vendée) approved the end of the twinning with Diosig, Romania, signed in 1998.

The municipalities and twinning associations of the two cities have done a fruitful job," notes Stéphanie Grauwin, city councilor in charge of twinning. Bonds of friendship have been forged through numerous meetings. Despite this, a twinning can only continue to live if, and only if, each of the partner cities supported by their twinning associations, has the determination. Since the last meeting in 2017, letters of invitation and project proposal have remained unanswered to date."

After a final letter sent to the mayor of Diosig, remained unanswered, the City and the president of the twinning association decided to end the partnership. The mayor of Diosig was not very europhile, to say the least," confesses Ludovic Hocbon, mayor of Fontenay-le-Comte. This decision is regrettable, but necessary. Deeply attached to twinning, we are wondering about a new partnership, either with another Romanian city, or with a European city."


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