France/Auray Country. The community of municipalities wants to accelerate its energy sobriety

Published on 30/09/2022 | La rédaction


Auray Quiberon terre atlantique has adopted, this Thursday, September 29, 2022 in community council, in Camors (Morbihan), an intention in favor of the energy mix and sobriety.

It is a subject a little more consensual than the others, but nevertheless "urgent", stressed Aurélie Rio, vice-president in charge of the climate air energy plan, this Thursday, September 29, 2022, during the community council of Auray Quiberon terre atlantique (Aqta) in Camors(Morbihan). It is about the production of green energy and the intention of energy sobriety on the territory.

"We start from far"

"Aqta rises in recent years on the subject. We have increased the means to help the communes, in particular through energy advisers. "The intermunicipality also wants to set up an action plan at the end of the year "which aims to reach 30% of production of what we consume. In front of the energy costs, it becomes also urgent to produce our energies. And we start from far. " Reflection in progress also on the creation of a common structure "to carry these energy production projects, whether wood, photovoltaic or even the recovery of our waste. "

Various internal measures

The community of municipalities also wants to set an example and is going to deploy various internal energy-saving measures, such as lowering the heating temperature of the premises, eliminating energy-guzzling equipment in the meeting rooms, etc.The community of municipalities also wants to be exemplary and will deploy various energy-saving measures internally, such as lowering the temperature of the premises, eliminating energy-guzzling equipment in the break rooms, "strict instructions" for turning off lights and appliances, including during lunch breaks, and even carpooling and teleworking up to two days a week.

As for the business parks, Aqta aims to optimize public lighting in the long term. The power reductions have already been made, but the community of municipalities also wants to make businesses aware of the obligation to turn off their illuminated signs.


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