France/La Riche: the association Les Sablettes puts the spotlight on young graduates

Published on 10/08/2022 | La rédaction


The association Les Sablettes, composed of parents from Larichois, encourages young college students to pursue their studies.

Although many young people have gone on vacation, the association Les Sablettes organized, Saturday, July 23, 2022, at the social center Equinoxe, a moment of conviviality in the form of a ceremony to value the youth of Larichois having obtained a diploma and encourage them to continue their studies.

"We want to highlight the academic achievements of the young people of Larichois, encourage them and make them aware of the importance of studies and diplomas such as the baccalaureate which, for example, can open many doors after the final year of high school to access the brevet, which is a first diploma that is trivialized, even though it is the first major step in a student's school career," analyzes the association's founding president, Yamina Boucetta. To talk about these success stories, a cocktail party was organized. The association was also represented by the treasurer, Daoud Bassem, members of the office, Habib Medjahed and Chérifa Benbedra, mother of Ylies, who received a professional diploma in computing.

The latter, who was involved in the preparation of the cocktail, said: "All these young people are from the Niqueux-Bruère district. Fifty-two years ago, I lived in Les Sables. What we want is that our young people have a better future than ours, that's what motivates the association. "

The association promotes professional integration

Yamina Boucetta reveals that "the association will develop a professional integration part in partnership with temporary employment agencies invested, which will come to the heart of the district for a village for employment, incessantly shortly. Among the ten young graduates absent: Lina Khechalmia (brevet des collèges mention très bien), Chaïma Hennous (brevet des collèges), Dounia Boucetta (bac professionnel de service de proximité), Genny Manfo (bac général avec mention).


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