France/Saint-Girons. Morning cleaning after Autrefois le Couserans

Published on 09/08/2022 | La rédaction


The day after the big parade of Autrefois le Couserans, from 5 o'clock yesterday morning, all the main roads of the city center were animated by the incessant ballet of cleaning machines. We have seven machines running at the moment: sweepers, vacuum cleaners," explains Pierre. There are 12 of us on staff, and we have snow blowers to make the job easier. And we make sure that the city, by the time the delivery people and the first workers go to their posts, is already clean."

"It's true that the Autrefois le Couserans event attracts thousands of people, so it generates much more waste on the public highway. But not so much in view of the people present. And then already [on Sunday], two sweepers followed the parade and got a good start on cleaning the public highway."

The employees of the municipality also take advantage of this early hour to water the flower basins, with recovered water. Thanks to them, by sunrise, the city had returned to its normal appearance.


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