Benin/Table egg sector: The Government provides poultry farmers with 38,000 imported laying chicks

Published on 07/08/2022 | La rédaction


The Government of Benin, in its agricultural policy, has planned to support a certain number of agricultural sectors, including the consumer egg sector. On Wednesday, August 3, 2022, the officials of the Territorial Agency of Agricultural Development of the pole 7 received at the Cardinal Bernardin GANTIN International Airport, a first wave of 38.000 day-old laying chicks, imported under the second campaign of support in day-old laying chicks to the laying hen breeders installed in the Republic of Benin

For this second campaign of support to Beninese poultry farmers, 384,000 imported day-old laying chicks and 206,000 laying chicks produced by local hatcheries are planned over a period of nine (09) months.

For the breeders, the chicks have been subsidized up to 50% by the Government. In addition to the chicks, 5,550 tons of feed will be provided at a subsidized price of 30 to 40% and 3,220,000 doses of vaccines will be subsidized at 100%.

The beneficiaries of the first wave of 38.The beneficiaries of the first wave of 38,000 imported egg-laying chicks thanked the Government, through the Agence Territoriale de Développement Agricole du Pôle 7, for this considerable support, which will bring about a qualitative change in food self-sufficiency in terms of animal protein coverage.


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