Senegal / Istanbul Forum: Senegalese local elected officials at the Turkish school

Published on 25/06/2022 | La rédaction


The CimAfrica group is equipping Senegalese municipal councillors to seize the opportunities of the Istanbul Forum scheduled for next August.Istanbul, Turkey's second largest city, will host from August 21 to 28, 2022 the forum on development strategies and resource mobilization for local governments.

Less than a month before this important meeting, the consulting firm CimAfrique/AFRIK COSMOS organized on Monday in Dakar a pre-forum dedicated to about fifteen municipalities.

"Our objective is to train these future participants on communal development so that they can take full advantage of the opportunities available to their communities. We are providing them with tools related to resource mobilization, the materialization of business partnerships, decentralized cooperation, dispute resolution, and the development of the community.We are thus providing them with tools related to resource mobilization, the materialization of commercial partnerships, decentralized cooperation, and the settlement of disputes arising from partnerships between communities," explained CimAfrique's Director, Serigne Makhtar Cissé.

The latter, who has already made a prospecting trip to Turkey, said that this country, located between Asia and Europe, owes its current growth to the proper planning of its local development policies.

He invited the various participants to identify "the needs of economic actors at the territorial level for better involvement and greater impact of the partnership.


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