Benin/Community review of education in the Commune of Allada: Assessment and definition of perspectives for improving school performance by 2028

Published on 26/01/2022 | La rédaction


By 2028, the Commune of Allada will mobilize the necessary resources that will promote the development of learners producing excellent results making it the best in Benin. A vision placed under the leadership of Mayor Joseph CAKPO.

It is through a workshop, gathering all the actors of the school world of the commune of Allada, and with the benefit of a meticulous diagnosis that the weaknesses and perspectives of the aforementioned sector have been respectively studied and defined. Facilitated by the NGO Aide et Action through its AGIR-Benin project, the workshop held last Wednesday, January 19, aimed at studying the root causes of the poor performance recorded in the Commune over the past three years and to redefine urgent actions for its improvement.

At the opening of the workshop, the Head of the Pedagogical Region, Mr. YABI, welcomed the initiative of the workshop and confirmed its importance in improving school performance.As for the Mayor of the Commune of Allada, Mr. Joseph CAKPO, in his speech he invited the mobilized actors to be sincere and especially to to tell each other the truth in order to come up with concrete and urgent action proposals to improve the Commune's school performance as of next year. Also, he pointed out to the audience that they are responsible for the image that Allada will give itself at the end of this enlarged workshop of the Consultation Framework of Education Actors. On these exhortations which require responsibilities, the facilitator invited the rapporteur of the diagnostic study committee of school counter-performance to present his report.

Evils that undermine the education system in the commune of Allada

From this report presented by Dr. Rodrigue MONTCHO, CA of Lissegazoun, the results of the CEP 2021 have tarnished the image of the Commune of Allada by ranking it last in the Atlantic department with a rate below the national average. However, the Commune's performance over the last two years has not been as dramatic. Several causes underlie this lackluster result and are as follows:

The poor living and working conditions of the teaching staff, the lack of professional awareness of a good part of the teaching staff (absenteeism, lack of proactivity and positive authority over the learners) and the plethora of staff; low level of staff training; lack of control and commitment (administration, CP, IP), insufficient teaching materials; indigence of parents and inertia of PTAs; total resignation of parents and lack of teachers in some schools. In addition to all this, there is the politicization of teachers. Teachers who have almost all become political actors and leaders by abandoning classes for meetings, installations and even political meetings in 2021.

Measures to correct the situation

Faced with these humiliating causes, the actors have identified approaches to solutions and urgent measures without complacency for the improvement of future results. Thus, the monitoring of teachers will be more rigorous, the profession will be exercised with more professionalism, the capacity building of teachers will be supported, the improvement of living and working conditions will be at the forefront of actions, assignments will be reviewed and many other measures will be taken to bring parents to properly assume their responsibility.

Faced with these measures, the different actors have respectively committed themselves to play their part in order to make the Commune of Allada a reference in education in Benin by 2028.

For Mrs. TEHOU Berthe, in charge of the Educational Mission in Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Togo, the frankness and quality of the debates and work upstream of this workshop are beneficial and reassuring. For Mrs. TEHOU Berthe, Head of the Educational Mission-Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Togo, the frankness and quality of the debates and work prior to this workshop are salutary and reassure us of a better future for the improvement of school performance if the different actors effectively play their respective roles.

We will work with a conscience and increased professionalism in order to ensure the smile of great satisfaction in the evening of the end of year results at all levels The President of the Cadre de Concertation des Acteurs de l'Education Communale, Mr. Paul Armel GBEDJI, Second Deputy Mayor of Allada, reassured the participants on behalf of the framework.

To close the day of reflection, Mayor Joseph CAKPO praised the sincerity and awareness of the different actors which are clearly visible through the quality of the work done and especially the different commitments made. He reassured that the Communal Council will be able to release the necessary resources for the implementation of the action plan that accompanies the new vision of education of the Commune. Urging parents to revitalize their association to raise awareness among parents and to monitor teachers and improve the performance of their children, he promised to take up his pilgrim's staff to monitor and revitalize the actors at all levels.

It is on these words of mutual commitments that the workshop on the review of education in the Commune of Allada, held at the conference room of the City Hall ended in the afternoon of Wednesday, January 19, 2022.


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