Benin/Second ordinary session of the communal consultation committee for the protection of the rights of the child for the year 2021

Published on 28/11/2021 | La rédaction


The Dogbo Town Hall and the Centre for Social Promotion (CPS) are working to improve the living conditions of children

Humanity must give the child the best.

It is with this in mind that on the morning of Friday 26 November 2021, the Dogbo Communal Consultation Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights (CCPE) held its second ordinary session of the year 2021 to evaluate and reorient the child care and protection centres (CAPE).The Committee held its second ordinary session of the year 2021 to evaluate and reorient the reception and child protection centres (CAPE) in their mission.
The deliberation room n°1 of the Dogbo City Hall was the venue for this ordinary session with the presence of CA Richepin SOMAKPE, Séverin AGO and other elected officials.
At the beginning of the session, the Head of the General Affairs Department of the Mayor's Office, Mr. Roger MEGNONHOU, representing the Mayor who was unable to attend, sacrificed to tradition by welcoming the participants before officially launching the activities.
Afterwards, the head of the Dogbo Social Promotion Centre, Mrs. Veronique ATCHO, gave a briefing on the ten rights of children and the necessary measures to be taken for their protection before giving the floor to the leaders of the four reception centres for the protection of children's rights in Dogbo, to present the situation of these centres.
After presentation on the conditions of care of children in the various reception centers, it is to be retained that efforts are made by its leaders in the harmonization of the life of children within these centers.
To this end, a communication was made by the Head of CPS on Decree No. 2012-416 of November 2012 setting the norms and standards applicable to reception and child protection centres (CAPE) in the Republic of Benin to remind the essential role to be played by those responsible for these centres.
Parents must take the advice of their child for any decision aimed at helping children.
Added Mrs. CPS.
In conclusion, Mr. Richepin SOMAKPE thanked the Dogbo CAPEs for their mission to support the mayor's office in improving and protecting children's rights in Dogbo.

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