Switzerland/Valais: an exhibition to fight against food waste

Published on 28/11/2021 | La rédaction


The travelling exhibition "Food Waste", designed to raise public awareness of food waste, will tour the Valais from December 2021 to February 2022.

"On average, 90 kilograms of food per person are thrown away in Swiss private households every year."This edifying statistic from the Federal Office for the Environment has motivated the preparation of the "Food Waste" exhibition. This educational and entertaining exhibition, which aims to contribute to "a better understanding of the causes of food waste and to give concrete advice on how to remedy it", is about to spread throughout our canton.

In Naters, Monthey and Sion

The exhibition will be presented at the World Nature Forum (WNF) in Naters from 10 January to 4 February, then in the foyer of the Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey from 10 January to 4 February 2022, and finally at the Arles Festival in Sion.2022 and finally at the Arsenaux in Sion from 7 to 24 February, this action, led by the Service de l'environnement (SEN) in collaboration with the Service de l'enseignement (SE) and the association Foodwaste.ch association, is aimed at both the general public and pupils in the orientation cycles.

"The exhibition is free of charge and provides practical advice on how to manage food on a daily basis in five stages, from planning a menu to shopping, storing food at home and recycling leftovers," explain the initiators. It also presents simple and easily applicable solutions to avoid food waste.

More information on the page www.vs.ch/fr/foodwaste

Source: www.lenouvelliste.ch

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