Morocco/Maternal and child health: Community women relays strengthened in Azilal

Published on 21/06/2024 | La rédaction


Azilal - Some 60 women community relays recently benefited from a training session in Azilal dedicated to strengthening their skills in caring for pregnant women and their children.

This training session, organized by the Azilal provincial health and social protection delegation in partnership with the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) and UNICEF, is part of the program to geThe aim is to encourage women in mountainous areas to give birth in a supervised environment, and to promote child development within the first 1,000 days.

A total of 60 women benefited from the training, which took place in the Afourer and Bzou circles. maternal and child health, referral of women and their children to health facilities and encouragement of supervised childbirth.

The training provided during these meetings enabled these women relays to learn about the importance of pregnancy monitoring, maternal and child awareness and the promotion of child development during the first 1,000 days of life, through the strengthening of the community approach and the community relay system.

It should be noted that the experience of community relays deployed in Azilal in 2021 in the circles of Azilal, Ouawizeght and Tidili Fetouaka has made it possible to review the rate of supervised deliveries, which has risen from 42% to over 52%, helping to reduce maternal deaths.

The training session, which was attended by representatives of the Social Affairs Division of the Azilal province, was organized in close coordination with the local authorities and the associations managing the project.


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