Canada/The Manicouagan RCM wants to do more to protect the environment

Published on 23/02/2024 | La rédaction


Following the adoption of a regional wetlands and water management plan, the Regional County Municipality (RCM) of Manicouagan will soon be producing a climate change adaptation plan.

This will enable us to analyze the vulnerabilities of the MRC territory, and see how we can prepare for them," commented MRC Prefect Marcel Furlong, following Wednesday's Mayors' Council meeting.

In a second phase, companies will be able to submit projects to help the MRC adapt to climate change.

The MRC will have three years to produce its plan, thanks to $1.1 million in financial assistance from the Quebec government.

The mayors' council meeting also saw the adoption of the MRC's regional wetlands and water management plan, a tool for planning actions to conserve wetlands and water management on the territory.

It indicates places where development or construction can take place," explains Marcel Furlong.

The adoption of this plan had been suspended in October, for fear that the MRC would be the target of legal proceedings.

The council wanted to avoid municipalities having to pay compensation to property owners affected by measures to protect natural environments.

The Manicouagan RCM had joined other RCMs and municipalities in putting pressure on the Quebec government. They called for a change in the regulations stipulating that landowners cannot sue an RCM for disguised expropriation.

As a result, the Manicouagan RCM was able to adopt its regional wetlands and water management plan after the law was amended in December.


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