France/ Sustainable development: oil-fired boilers now banned, and soon gas boilers

Published on 07/08/2022 | La rédaction


Since July 1, 2022, no oil-fired boiler can be purchased or installed in a dwelling. From 2025, gas boilers will be affected: they will no longer be sold or replaced in housing subject to the RE 2020. In addition to this announcement, there are uncertainties related to the current geopolitical context, particularly the supply of gas, 40% of which comes from Russia. It is an understatement to say that it is becoming urgent to rethink the way we heat our homes by turning to reliable, less polluting and more economical energy sources!

The 16% of French people who heat with oil and the 23% who heat with gas have every interest in changing their heating method now, all the more so as the subsidies are likely to decrease in the coming years, as is already the case for insulation. especially since the subsidies are likely to decrease in the years to come, as is already the case for insulation.

As an eco-responsible company specializing in renovation and insulation, the EHE Group recommends opting for a heat pump or a pellet boiler. Both solutions allow to save about 40% on the heating bill and are eligible for financial aid.

It is still possible to keep your old boiler as long as it works or as long as it can be repaired BUT from the moment it is no longer feasible, it will have to be replaced by a heating system that does not depend on fossil fuels.


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