Cameroon / Diplomatic meetings of the territories: innovative and multi-targeted audiovisual visiting cards, especially for the reception of the Ambassador of Belgium, the host of the day, on June 30, 2022 in Nkongsamba.

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Announced for last March 31 and then postponed, by joint decision of the Ministers of External Relations and Decentralization and Local Development, the launch in Cameroon of the series of the said diplomatic meetings of the territories, a new program of promotion of good practices in local development through decentralized cooperation at the initiative of your international online media again envisaged on June 30 and July 1 in the department of Moungo


The form of the meeting is already producing results. In fact, the preparation process underway, which is leading the various localities to carry out "territorial approaches" in order to acquire audiovisual visit cards, through an interactive and participatory approach, is already producing results.The process of preparation underway, which is leading the various localities to carry out "territorial approaches" to provide themselves with audiovisual visit maps, through an interactive and participatory approach, will involve the actors of the local economy as well as the rest of the population, as was recently seen in Nkongsamba 3 and Manjo.
All these things will feed the follow-up phase, after the working session "Major actors of the local life of Moungo - Ambassador of Belgium" announced for the opening of a renovated canal of the Moungo.opening of a renewed channel of multisectoral thematic partnerships of Belgian-Cameroonian decentralized cooperation in this department.

Are concerned :
Local elected officials
-Heads of educational institutions
-Members of consular companies
-Head of hospital training
-Former Cameroonian students and trainees in Belgium
-Local representatives of federations and movementsLocal representatives of federations and various national corporatist movements
-NGOs and international solidarity associations
-Youth organizations
-Service clubs
Pre-registration is mandatory.

Permanence-expert for the Moungo
Jumelages et Partenariats/Cabinet Interactions
Immeuble Ismam - Nkongsamba

Head of mission
E-mail :
Tel : +237 695 023 362
680 819 321

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