Togo: New tax revenue distribution key in the era of decentralization

Published on 14/05/2021 | La rédaction


The Togolese government has adopted by decree, a distribution key of tax revenues and service revenues among its various local authorities.

The measure, which was made necessary by the decentralization of state power, "sets the rates of distribution oftax revenues between the communes, the autonomous districts, the Support Fund for Local Authorities and the National Sanitation and Public Health Agency (ANASAP)".

It thus settles the problem of the distribution of tax and service revenues among the 117 communes and determines the share of the State, the Togolese Revenue Office (OTR), the Autonomous Districts, the Support Fund for Territorial Communities (FACT) and ANASAP in public revenues.

It is also intended to "organize the distribution of revenues for the financing of the transport of household waste to the Aképé technical landfill centre".It is also intended to "organize the distribution of revenues to finance the transportation of household waste to the technical burial center of Aképé for the Greater Lomé area and to the respective final dumps for the other regions," the Togolese government said.


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