France/ Low-cost housing: this commune in the Orne department opts for tiny houses

Published on 18/06/2024 | La rédaction


Tiny houses are an innovative solution for individuals in need of housing. The commune of Landisacq (Orne) has put seven plots of land up for sale in 2020.

The creation of this type of home was part of the 2020 mission statement of Béatrice Guyot, mayor of Landisacq (Orne).

After discussions and feasibility studies with the town council, the mayor hopes to offer families financially adapted housing: tiny houses.

The need for housing

Tiny houses - wooden homes of varying sizes to suit different budgets - are an interesting option for individuals in need of accommodation.

It's a low-cost way of living in a village.

Mayor Béatrice Guyot

The biggest advantage of building these trendy mini-homes is their price. Its small surface area makes the tiny house a property you can buy for as little as €46,000, plus land costing around €23,000, for a total investment of €69,000.

The budget per square meter for this type of construction remains above average, but this is due to the quality of the materials and the specific techniques used. What's more, this type of construction is not subject to property tax.

Need for land

Safti, represented by Olivier Mare, is an independent real estate advisor in Saint-Pierre-du-Regard and the Flers region. Depending on the wishes of the potential buyer, he is able to present several draft offers.

Plots range from 669 m2 to 1032 m2. Tiny houses range from €46,000 for 16 m2 to €70,000 for 28 m2. The largest model can sleep up to six people.

To date, no takers have been found for these tiny houses.


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