Morocco/Fez : Launch of the 3rd Regional Digital Day on Cybersecurity

Published on 13/06/2024 | La rédaction


The Regional Department of the Office for Professional Training and Work Promotion (OFPPT/Fès-Meknès) and the Institute for Offshoring, ICT and Audiovisual Training organized the third "Regional Digital Day" in Fès on Wednesday.

Under the theme of "Cybersecurity, protection of the digital world and professional opportunities", this flagship event, part of efforts to develop digital skills and promote IT innovation in the region, brought together a number of key players in the sector.part of efforts to develop digital skills and promote IT innovation in the region, brought together many of the sector's key players.

Digital experts, professionals and enthusiasts gathered to highlight the latest technological advances and explore the challenges of cybersecurity in an interconnected world.

In a statement to MAP, Abdelhakim Hadafi, Regional Director of OFPPT Fès-Meknès, emphasized the growing importance of this event within the local and regional ecosystem.

According to Hadafi, the "Regional Digital Day" enables all partners, participants, experts and trainees to share their expertise and the latest developments around this year's theme.This year's theme is cybersecurity, data protection and professional opportunities.

Mr. Hadafi recalled Morocco's commitment to digital development, through the launch of the Maroc Digital 2030 strategy at GiTeX Africa 2024.

For him, this ambitious roadmap aims to position Morocco as a regional and continental leader in digital.

"Today, digital is an enormous vector of growth and offers many job opportunities", he declared, while highlighting the risks linked to cyber-attacks that the country has to face.

Mr. Hadafi also spoke of OFPPT's efforts to adapt its training programs to the needs of the digital job market.

A complete overhaul of training engineering and programs has been undertaken in all sectors, including digital and artificial intelligence," he noted.intelligence, he noted, adding that all programs have been reviewed and updated to take into account current and future job market needs.

According to the manager, "the programs offered by the OFPPT now have nothing to envy those of the grandes écoles, training trainees in the latest technologies in the fields of digital and AI".

These efforts are bearing fruit, as demonstrated by the selection of a trainee from ISTA-Taza to represent Morocco at the "WorldSkills" competition in the digital field.

This performance illustrates OFPPT's commitment to developing the skills required by the job market.

The day provided an opportunity to raise participants' awareness of the threats posed by cybercrime, and to provide them with the tools they need to prevent and guard against them.

During the day, participants gained valuable insight into the promising career opportunities emerging in the dynamic IT and information and communication technology (ICT) sector.

The annual event featured a competition between trainees from the IT streams of the region's vocational training establishments, who presented their innovative projects demonstrating their technical skills.

The competition presented an opportunity for interaction between trainees and potential employers, helping to improve employment prospects and develop professional networks.

In addition to technical presentations and competitions, the Regional Digital Day featured artistic and cultural segments, led by specialists in the field and trainees from the institute.

These segments aimed to enrich the experience of participants and offer an interactive environment combining learning and entertainment.


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