SENEGAL-MAURITANIA-GOVERNANCE / Cross-border governance: setting up a departmental technical committee at the heart of a meeting in Bakel

Published on 13/06/2024 | La rédaction

Mauritania, Senegal

On Tuesday, the town of Bakel hosted a workshop aimed at setting up a departmental technical committee to promote inclusive cross-border governance and strengthen people's resilience.

The meeting is an initiative of the International Organization for Migration (IOM Senegal) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC Senegal).

"The project aims to promote cross-border governance and strengthen the resilience of cross-border populations, with a view to attésecurity risks in the border areas of Mauritania and Senegal", explained Mouhamed Fall, from the UNODC regional office.

He was speaking at the end of the workshop chaired by the deputy sub-prefect of Kéniéba.

"Senegal and Mauritania are one and the same country. On both sides, there are the same families, communities that have been linked for years. This project will strengthen both communities and consolidate ties," he said.

In Senegal, the project will cover four regions: Saint-Louis, Matam, Tambacounda and Kédougou. It is financed to the tune of 4 million dollars, or over 2 billion 400 million CFA francs, by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) over a two-year period.

It has three strategic objectives. The first is to "strengthen cross-border governance", and the second to "build trust between border populations and the central state, on the one hand, and between cross-border communities, on the other.

The third strategic axis aims to "strengthen the resilience of populations" living along the border between the two countries, through access to basic social services and capacity-building for young people, explained Mouhamed Fall.

He added that "the project will also strengthen the capacities of the defense and security forces, and other technical services".


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