Canada/Elliot Lake adopts a series of measures to develop its business community

Published on 29/05/2024 | La rédaction


Elliot Lake City Council adopted a series of measures Monday as part of an updated community improvement plan in hopes of developing its business community.

In a report prepared by the firm J. L. Richards, it is stated that the proposed measures would help meet the needs of an evolving local economy, moving from uranium mining to a varied economy in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors.

Among other things, the plan calls for the provision of property tax assistance to businesses and a series of subsidies to encourage, among other things, tourism, the growth and beautification of existing businesses, and the development of new commercial and industrial sites.

The update will also expand the range of financial incentives available to promote new housing construction, in response to the community's housing shortage.

Economic Development Director Steve Antunes is very excited about this new community improvement plan.

It really helps us showcase what we have to offer and attract new investment to the municipality.

A quote from Steve Antunes, Elliot Lake's Director of Economic Development

He pointed out the differences with what was offered before.

The previous Community Improvement Plan was very focused on commerce. This one will give us the opportunity to be competitive and attract residential development to the community.

In addition to the measures presented, City Council has authorized the expansion of the project's Community Improvement Area to cover the entire Elliot Lake urban area.

Mr. Antunes indicated that the municipal reserve for the community improvement plan was $141,000.


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