Canada/Windsor announces revitalization plan for downtown safety

Published on 24/04/2024 | La rédaction


Mayor Drew Dilkens has announced a plan to make Windsor safer and more attractive to residents and investors. According to the mayor, the seven-point plan is a response to mental health and safety issues in the downtown core.

The mayor did not disclose the total amount of the revitalization plan. A few hours later, a report published on the municipal website mentioned that the plan's budget was estimated at $3,239,878. A good portion of this envelope is earmarked for police services and an integrated service center for the homeless.

We want to help people with mental health and addiction problems," explained the mayor at a press conference.

The plan is based on the conclusions drawn from the consultations the city held with communities and partners last fall, says Dilkens.

The seven-point plan

  • Create and implement an enforcement-focused strategy to support safer streets, and launch a new model of policing tailored to Windsor, centered on sustained visibility and cross-sectoral intervention.
  • Strengthen enforcement of real estate standards and occupy vacant buildings.
  • Lobby provincial and federal governments to support assistance programs for vulnerable populations.
  • Encourage people and businesses to move downtown and explore incentives.
  • Create dynamic zones to attract residents and visitors.
  • Strengthen community engagement and develop a marketing strategy to celebrate and promote downtown.
  • Establish formal channels to foster greater collaboration between the various partners.

Over 3,500 participants clearly identified vacant homes, homelessness, substance abuse and mental health issues as the main sources of insecurity, especially in the downtown area.

According to Mayor Dilkens, the city's problems also exist elsewhere. Windsor, like other cities of similar size across the country, faces the same challenges of insecurity, which is why he believes the plan is necessary.

The strategy aims to address safety issues and implement measures to encourage new investment in the downtown area, explains the mayor.

Feeling safe in our community and enjoying a thriving downtown: we will do better in these areas.

A quote from Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

The plan also aims to make the city safer by increasing police visibility on the streets.

Our core plan also aims to clean up the downtown core, attract residents and businesses to the area, and attract investment," says the mayor.

Windsor City Council will review the city's revitalization plan in May.


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