France/ Sud Sarthe. A partnership between local authorities and entrepreneurs

Published on 24/04/2024 | La rédaction


The Association des Entreprises du Val du Loir and the Sud Sarthe and Loir-Lucé-Bercé intercommunalités have signed a partnership agreement to help consolidate the economic fabric.

TheAssociation des Entreprises du Val du Loir(AEVL) and the two communities of communes in the south of the département, Sud Sarthe and Loir-Lucé-Bercé(Sarthe), have just initialed a partnership agreement.

The agreement was signed on Friday April 12, 2024 at Loirécopark in Vaas by Jacques Trassard, President of the AEVL, and Hervé Roncière and François Boussard, respectively Presidents of the Loir-Lucé-Bercé and Sud Sarthe communities.

Supporting businesses

The AEVL is an association of around a hundred members, business leaders and executives based in the south of the département and north of Indre-et-Loire. It was founded in 1983.

"It's an association run by business leaders and executives for businesses. It's a way of getting to know each other, doing business together and welcoming new companies to the area, to ensure better integration", explains its president, Jacques Trassard.

The aim of this partnership is to support the AEVL in its actions "in order to contribute to the consolidation of the local economic fabric, to the promotion of entrepreneurship in our territories and to the development of local economic activities through the promotion of the local economy".velopment of local economic activities through concrete actions", announces Denys Wissler, in charge of economic development at Loir-Lucé-Bercé.

These actions include themed events linked to current events, company visits, conferences, etc.

Visit to Le Lude

The two economic departments of the local authorities will make a major contribution to publicizing the club's events, and will be able to host some of them on their premises", adds Gilles Menant, Sud Sarthe's economic developer.

In this context, a visit to The Acoustics Company in Le Lude is scheduled for business leaders on Thursday, April 18, 2024.

This agreement replaces the one signed in the past by the former Syndicat de Développement Economique du Sud Sarthe and the then AEVL association.


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