Chad: UNDP launches a project to support the socio-economic recovery of flood victims in Ndjamena

Published on 18/04/2024 | La rédaction


On April 16, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in collaboration with the government and Green Wall, launched a project to support the socio-economic recovery of flood victims in the peri-urban area of N'Djamena. The initiative aims to strengthen the capacity of local communities to cope with recurrent flooding in the Chadian capital.

The project is part of an integrated approach targeting the areas most affected by the crisis and the influx of refugees. It aims to alleviate pressure on basic services, reduce inter-community tensions and respond to major security challenges. It is also an emergency project supporting stabilization, recovery and revitalization.

The eastern region of Chad, where N'Djamena is located, hosts a large number of refugees and returnees, putting considerable pressure on local resources and infrastructure. The $30.4 million project aims to improve access to basic social services, support livelihoods and revitalize local economies. It also focuses on institutional capacity building and social cohesion.

In sum, this initiative contributes to the resilience of vulnerable communities and to building a more stable, peaceful and sustainable Chad1. UNDP will continue to support the government and its people in their development efforts, with a focus on peace and reconciliation, the keys to sustainable development.


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