France/ Ploumagoar. After 29 years, twinning forges new links

Published on 18/04/2024 | La rédaction


From Thursday to Sunday, the town and twinning committee welcomed a group from the senior citizens' university in Mogadouro, Portugal, and a delegation from Groslay, a town in the Val-d'Oise also twinned with Mogadouro.

In place for twenty-nine years, the twinning is evolving and our towns will no longer meet in the same way. After years of exchanges between locals and families, we're moving towards group visits," notes president Marielle Moreau.

The association and the municipality wanted to honor the fiftieth anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, an important period in Portugal's history," commented the mayor, Yannick Echevest, at the official reception on Friday.

I came here 25 years ago, as a young elected official, and I've noticed a lot of changes," remarked Victor Batista, now president of Mogadouro council.

As for Carlos Pereira, he chairs the Groslay committee, twinned with Portugal and Germany. If we get to know each other and take an interest in each other, we're not at war, we're at peace," he says.

Gifts were exchanged and a camellia plant was donated to Mogadouro and Groslay. The contact between the two committees around Mogadouro is interesting," says Victor Batista.


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