SENEGAL-YOUTH-EMPLOYMENT / Bambey: more than 200 young people enrolled in the "Xeyu ndaw ni" program

Published on 04/03/2024 | La rédaction


The Minister of Youth, Entrepreneurship and Employment, Pape Malick Ndour, signed an agreement on Saturday with the local authorities of the Bambey department (center) to enroll 219 young people under the "Xeyu ndaw ni" program, for a period of three years (2024-2026).

This year, in addition to the traditional components, the President of the Republic has asked us to open a new component dedicated to local authorities as part of the +Xeyu ndaw yi+ program," he explained.

In the department of Bambey, 219 young people have already been enrolled. These young people "will be distributed among the various communes and the departmental council", he said, on the sidelines of the contract-signing ceremony.

He pointed out that the "Xeyu ndaw ni" program includes a phase aimed at strengthening the human resources of the communes to enable them to carry out their missions successfully.

He added that the choice of young recruits is made in perfect coordination with the mayors.

At the same time, Pape Malick Ndour expressed his satisfaction with the progress of work on the Maison de la Jeunesse et de la Citoyenneté in Bambey, which he said was more than eighty percent complete.

He announced that the building would be handed over within a month and a half at the latest, to provide the young people of Bambey with a place where they can flourish.

The mayor of Bambey, Assane Dia, invited the young recruits to show self-sacrifice and rigor in carrying out the missions assigned to them by their future employers.

He praised the government's efforts in the area of youth and employment policy, with the recruitment of young people through the "Xeyu ndaw ni" program and the construction of youth and citizenship centers in the country's 45 departments.


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