Brussels: Housing Fund once again accessible to middle-income households

Published on 04/03/2024 | La rédaction


As of this Friday, the Fonds du logement de la Région bruxelloise (Housing Fund of the Brussels Region) is reinstating the conditions of access to the mortgage loans it offers to middle-income households, it said in a press release. Faced with a "very sharp" increase in applications, the institution had been forced, last May, to restrict mortgage credit to households that fell within the social housing income scales.

The Fund's acquisitive mortgage and Ecoreno loans are once again available to middle-income households in Brussels, at unchanged rates and conditions. Borrowing rates and conditions of access remain unchanged: "We can now help middle-income households who also find it difficult to obtain bank financing. For more than 30 years, our priority has been to help the people of Brussels to buy their own home," stresses Lieve Lalemant-Scheerlinck, Chairman of the Board of the Fonds du Logement.

"Supporting the acquisition of property by Brussels households is essential", commented Brussels Secretary of State for Housing Nawal Ben Hamou, who says she has made the reopening of mortgages to the middle class one of her priorities.

Last year, despite restrictive conditions, the Fund granted 781 acquisitive mortgages for an average amount of 215,968 euros, corresponding to an average monthly payment of 957 euros. In addition, almost 600 (594) Ecoreno loans were granted to finance renovation work.


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