Belgium/Woluwe-Saint-Lambert makes the use of rigid garbage cans compulsory

Published on 01/03/2024 | La rédaction


Torn-open bags from which garbage escapes... It's an unappetizing sight, but it was a frequent occurrence in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, due to animals such as foxes and crows looking for food and tearing open garbage bags to find it. The commune therefore decided to make compulsory what some citizens were already using: rigid garbage cans. The regulatory bags for residual waste and organic waste must be placed inside.

The obligation is gradually being extended to all seven districts. The UCL-Kappelleveld and Woluwe districts have already been using it since 2021. The others will follow this year. The municipality provides residents with free containers. It has ordered 7,000, and 2,500 have already been distributed.

The college can grant exemptions to households that request them. So far, it has done so for 45 households. For those who don't have an exemption and who don't use a rigid garbage can, the teams from Bruxelles Propreté will still collect their bags. After warnings, offenders risk a fine of up to 350 euros. Woluwe-Saint-Lambert has not yet had to impose any penalties.

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Watermael-Boitsfort are the other two communes in Brussels where the use of rigid garbage cans is also compulsory.

Rules for rigid garbage cans

If you use rigid garbage cans in the Brussels Region, be careful. As of January 1, Brussels Environmental Services no longer collects non-compliant garbage cans, as they pose ergonomic problems and risk of injury to its teams.To be collected, garbage cans must be flared and have a maximum capacity of 80 liters. Care must also be taken not to mix bags of different colors in the same garbage can, and not to put a lid on it.


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