Benin/Parakou civil prison: Inmates trained to make shoes

Published on 28/02/2024 | La rédaction


In a bid to contribute to the socio-professional reintegration of inmates, the Agence pénitentiaire du Bénin (Apb) organized a shoe-making training course on Thursday, February 22, 2024, for one hundred (100) inmates of the Parakou Civil Prison.

This training by the Department of Studies, Reintegration and Relations with Judicial Authorities (Derraj) is part of the implementation of the reintegration plan adopted by the Benin Prison Agency. According to the Director of Derraj, Bénédicte Tchokpon Ouorou, this training will not only bring about positive and significant changes in the lives of the inmates to be trained within this prison, but will also undoubtedly contribute to improving the economic and social situation of these inmates once they leave prison. She also pointed out that reintegration aims to combat all forms of exclusion, whether economic or social.

She went on to announce that in the coming days, a number of reintegration-related activities are planned in prisons, such as the construction and equipping of sewing workshops for stylists and modéThese include the construction and equipping of sewing workshops for stylists and fashion designers, the recruitment of psychologists, specialized educators and social workers to provide support and guidance towards a trade, and in short, the implementation of a socio-professional reintegration plan for prisoners. "We are counting on the support of our partners and the authorities to ensure that this plan is properly implemented," she concluded. Roc Sossoukpè, Director of the Departmental Annex of the Parakou Court of Appeal, noted that this training would provide their residents with the necessary knowledge and skills which, if properly integrated, would make them the best possible candidates for the job.If they are well integrated, they will become new people, free from boredom and vice, and since shoe-making is an income-generating activity, it will ultimately keep them out of need.

Taking the floor, the representative of the Minister of Justice and Legislation, Justin Gbènamèto, "reminded the audience that shoe-making is a craft that requires creativity, precision and patience". He then told the learners that the skills that will be acquired after this training, should be powerful tools for their rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society.

"I encourage you to seize this opportunity with determination and commitment. Use this training as a means to build a better future for yourselves. The government believes in your potential to change the course of your lives. We recognize that each of you has unique talents and an inner strength that can be channeled towards constructive goals," he hammered home.


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