Congo/ Poto-Poto 1: sanitation, a major challenge

Published on 27/02/2024 | La rédaction


At the initiative of Rick Gérald Bokilo, MP for Brazzaville's 3rd arrondissement, a sanitation operation was organized on February 25 in several streets.

The project involved cleaning out gutters at critical points in Poto-Poto 1's various neighborhoods, unclogging artificial drains to drain rainwater and wastewater, and destroying stagnant water where mosquitoes, particularly malaria vectors, breed. This sanitation operation was also aimed at keeping neighborhoods clean, especially as it drives out the disease.

"Most of the gutters in our neighborhoods are clogged. The population is thus exposed to disease. As a son of the neighborhood, I decided to unblock them. We won't always wait for the executive branch, even for minor tasks. We've decided to clear the gutters ourselves. However, heavy tasks such as sloping the drains or repairing them, which require a lot of resources, are the responsibility of the executive", explained deputy Rick Gérald Bokilo.

It's an initiative welcomed by the residents of Poto-Poto, who have to contend with dirt, mosquitoes, foul odours and flooding on a daily basis. President of a Poto-Poto district, Goivande Angoya Gouam Devan, made no secret of his satisfaction: "Right from his first steps, our MP showed his determination to bring the district to life. He has taken an interest in action and convinced the population, who support him in every district. He joins in with the town hall's efforts and works from the heart. When there's flooding, the water comes into our homes. But with this work, residents will be spared flooding in the long term. This work also contributes to our good health", he declared.


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