France/Why should people living south of Caen pay less for electricity?

Published on 27/02/2024 | La rédaction


The inter-municipality to the south-west of Caen has just installed solar panels on its headquarters and plans to redistribute the electricity at an attractive price to its residents.

In these times of steadily rising energy prices, a lower electricity bill is a fine promise. It could become a reality over the next few months for residents of the Communauté de communes (CDC) Vallées de l'Orne et de l'Odon, comprising 23 communes south-west of Caen (Calvados), including Evrecy, Fontaine-Etoupefour and Saint-Martin-de-Fontenay for the largest.

A first in Normandy: "redistributing our electricity locally

This project was initiated by the intercommunality. Having just taken delivery of its new administrative headquarters in Evrecy in January 2024 (a 1,000 m² building, equipped with geothermal heating), the CDC Vall d'Orléans has decided to "redistribute our electricity locally".In February, the CDC Vallées de l'Orne et de l'Odon installed 300 m² of solar panels on the roof of the building, at a cost ofaround 65,000 euros.

"We want to produce renewable energy in the future, so we're equipping all our new facilities with photovoltaic panels," explains Hubert Picard, President of the CDC Vallées de l'Orne et de l'Odon.

The aim is to consume the energy produced and redistribute the surplus locally, primarily for communal buildings, businesses and local residents. This is a first for Normandy.

Hubert Picard

Within a 10 km radius

Indeed, the south-west Caen intercommunality will be working with a cooperative operator who will manage production, redistribution and billing. The CDC will be able to redistribute its electricity "within a 10 km radius " after obtaining an exemption, i.e. to almost all the communes in the intercommunality.

"A price 7 to 12% lower".

A partnership has been set up with Enedis, and this redistribution to households will concern only " 10 to 15% of their average consumption", Hubert Picard explains. To do so, they will have to sign a contract with the intermunicipality, a process that should be available "in spring 2024". Rates for this share of consumption should be more attractive than the current electricity price.

We'll be offering a price that's 7 to 12% lower than today's rates. We know the investment and maintenance costs, and we can guarantee a fixed price for 20 to 30 years. We're not in it to make money, but to offer a virtuous and less expensive solution to our population.

Hubert Picard

"Bringing an additional service to our region

This year, the CDC Vallées de l'Orne et de l'Odon will be looking into the possibility of equipping its two gymnasiums in Evrecy and Fontaine-Etoupefour with solar panels too. An estimated budget of 60,000 euros has been put forward. These two projects would follow the same approach, with the electricity produced and not used for self-consumption being sold on to neighboring communes.


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