Cameroon: humanitarian aid for the Far North population

Published on 30/11/2023 | La rédaction


A team from the Cameroon Red Cross, led by its president, Cécile Akame Mfoumou, provided assistance to vulnerable people as part of the Echo PP project.

Bringing humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable populations in Cameroon'sFar North region. This is the aim of the Echo PP project run by the Cameroon Red Cross. The project, now in its third phase, has just been launched in the Far North region, mainly in the departments of Mayo Kani, Mayo Danay, Logone et Chari and Diamaré, with the support of the Cameroon Red Cross.

The opening day was devoted to a workshop to plan the activities to be carried out during this third phase of the project, chaired by William Bandibeno, Inspecteur Régional des Services en charge de l'Administration Préfectorale au Cabinet du Gouverneur.

Participants discussed the various initiatives and actions that will meet the needs of the affected municipalities. The various teams set up are working to consolidate the ideas presented so as not to be left on the sidelines. The Cameroon Red Cross is determined to continue its efforts to provide essential humanitarian assistance to communities in the Far North.

For Fabrice Ewané, who is responsible for community involvement at the Cameroon Red Cross in this project, it is important to involve the beneficiary populations in the decision-making process.They need to be involved in decision-making on activities that concern them, so that they can see themselves in the implementation of the project and benefit from it effectively and genuinely. Risk communication, community involvement and accountability is one of the four pillars of the project, the others being : disaster risk management, epidemic and pandemic preparedness and response, cash and voucher assistance to vulnerable people.


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