France/Châtenoy le Royal. The Comité de Jumelage lives well without a relationship with its twin town.

Published on 30/11/2023 | La rédaction


The Comité de Jumelage de Chatenoy le Royal (Twinning Committee of Chatenoy le Royal) continues to meet without any news from its twin town of Béniganim, in the province of Valencia in Spain, despite various contacts by mail, not only from the Committee but also from the Municipality of Chatenoy, in view of the Twinning Agreement signed between the two towns in July 1990. Another time, but also other Spanish elected officials who don't even bother to reply to letters, it seems.

An active committee

This hasn't stopped the team chaired by Philippe Martin from continuing to keep the Committee alive, with the hope of re-establishing relations with Béniganim. To this end, activities continue to operate under the aegis of the Committee:

Spanish lessons given by a teacher, Philippe Romero, to those from the commune and the Grand Chalon area who want to discover and deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language. We'll be back shortly with more details on how these courses work.

The organization of the Christmas Market, under the acknowledged responsibility of Françoise Reynaud. A market which takes place this coming weekend of December 2 and 3, 2023, in collaboration with the Tir Sportif, at the Chatenoy le Royal village hall.

Helping classes at Collège Louis Aragon to finance school trips, in liaison with the organizing teachers and Principal Christina Oliveira, a member of the Twinning Board.

Also present at the Forum des associations. An opportunity for the Comité de Jumelage to demonstrate its active existence to the public, and to receive registrations for Spanish courses.

Sound financial management

Financially, the Committee has a healthy budget based on a current annual operating budget of €12,000, financed by members' subscriptions, of which there are around thirty, the annual fee being €10. for the year, as well as by the fees paid by students for courses, which pay the teacher, not forgetting the profits from the Christmas Market, thanks to the participation of exhibitors. It should be noted that the Comité de Jumelage does not request any municipal or other subsidies.

The statutory meeting was attended by Vincent Bergeret, Mayor of Chatenoy le Royal, accompanied by Roland Bertin, 1st Deputy Mayor, Marie Thérèse Boissot and Jeanne Marie Martin, as well as Yvonne Le Floch, President of Tir Sportif; Daniel Rebillard, President of the Office Municipal des Sports, and a member of the Board of Directors.

It was the Mayor's turn to conclude the general meeting: "I can only say thank you for what you do, for your commitment to others. Of course, I regret not having any response from the Twin City. But it keeps you in good spirits to carry out other activities, especially with regard to the Christmas market, which is one of the most important events for the commune. "

The 2023 AGM closed with a glass of friendship.


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